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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What Is The WhYDevelop Solution?
A: We have developed a hosted, high performance business application driven by a suite of essential and easy-to-use integrated e-commerce functions, business management reports and interactive areas. Simplified content editing tools enable web site managers to keep their site current. No more waiting for a Webmaster to make changes. Our solutions are ideal for established retail businesses, manufacturers, dealer networks, vertical industries, franchises and service based organizations and companies. We enable you to manage and edit content, and conduct secure high performance e-commerce transactions directly over any web-enabled computer with no web programing experience.
Q: Don't Most Businesses Already Have a Web Site?
A: There are thousands of companies with inadequate web sites. Typically, these are static web sites with limited or no e-commerce features, outdated content and no interactive customer areas. Many are little more than an electronic brochure. We replace these weak and obsolete web sites with the professional design elements and high performance functionality typically only found in websites costing $45,000 and more. Best of all, with our solutions there is no need to hire additional technical staff, purchase new hardware, software, or change your existing web site address, if you have one.
Q: Can't Businesses Buy Similar Solutions Already?
A: Similar, but here is an important distinction. The hidden disadvantage of shrink-wrapped solutions include the additional expense to locate, train and pay competent technical staff, purchase and maintain compatible hardware, and all of the associated costs of in-house management. Entry-level costs for products, hardware and services comparable to our solution begin at $90,000 and quickly go up from there. This does not include staff salaries and high-speed bandwidth fees, which would add another $60,000 a year or more in most locations.
Q: Aren't There A Lot Of Free E-Commerce Options?
A: They are quickly disappearing. We provide an affordable, yet professional high performance alternative to the rapidly declining number of "free-e-commerce" options available. These free services are almost always low-end packages designed more for home-based businesses with a single or limited product line. Nothing is really free. To help cover expenses, these sites are usually partnered with numerous banner promotions and other visitor distractions. They may also include commissions, and hidden fees tacked on every sale. In the year 2000 over 33,000 free websites went out of business. Think about it, how long could you stay in business if you gave your products away?
Q: What Is Included In The Monthly Fee?
A: The monthly hosting fee includes the right to use the selected modules and features, which may include e-mail services, e-commerce services, remote content editing and management, monthly web site traffic reports, e-mail notification of events, classes, new products and services. You get the added benefit of our high performance servers, high-speed bandwidth, technical services, integrated software and more. This combination of services cannot be duplicated anywhere else. This is not simple web page hosting. Our service eliminates the risk and investment of purchasing and maintaining equipment, software and staffing.
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